Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Innovation Village On San Francisco Bay: A Mountain View Opportunity

A 21st Century, Walkable Neighborhood
Focused On Technology

Google’s expansion near Shoreline Park in Mountain View provides an opportunity to create Innovation Village On San Francisco Bay: a 21stcentury technology-focused place to live, work and play all in one great neighborhood.

Key Features
Of Innovation Village

A mixed-use, mid-rise (no skyscrapers) neighborhood, built around Google and other technology companies, but with all the amenities to make daily living a pleasure.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of well-paying jobs within a comfortable walk or bike ride.

Enough condominiums and apartments at a variety of price points so employees have a real opportunity to live near where they work.

People-friendly streets, sidewalks and public places like Downtown Castro Street and a lively, fun environment that is attractive to young people, so they don’t have to commute from San Francisco.

Enough people living and working in the Village to support a grocery store and other shops, cafes and services, all within a comfortable walk.

Walking and biking access to Shoreline Park, San Francisco Bay and miles of hiking and biking trails.

Effective transit within the Village and a People-Mover connection to the Downtown Caltrain Station and the regional transit network.

Personal mobility within the Village so a car is a choice, not a necessity.

Shoreline Amphitheatre and new dining and entertainment venues within a comfortable walk.

Easy connection to Stanford University and other technology centers.

A Four Seasons level hotel and one or more mid-range hotels.

The ability to live life fully in one great place in the heart of Silicon Valley and on San Francisco Bay.

Great For the Environment

Putting home and work close together reduces auto-dependency, vehicle miles traveled, energy consumption and air pollution.

Compact development served by transit reduces sprawl and auto-dependence and protects undeveloped areas like the foothills.

Projected new growth is channeled away from existing single-family neighborhoods into Innovation Village.

Great For Google

The opportunity for its employees to live in a vibrant walkable neighborhood a short walk or bike ride from work.

The opportunity to develop at efficient mid-rise office densities without the complications of proximity to suburban residential neighborhoods.

The opportunity to expand the workplace innovations Google is implementing within Google Headquarters to the entire district.

Substantially improved integration of all its employees working in a variety of locations.

Hotels, restaurants and other services within a convenient walk of Google Headquarters, so visitors can move about freely without needing a rental car.

The opportunity to provide car-free mobility to its employees and others.

The opportunity to be a leader in the conservation of land, energy and other essential resources.

The opportunity to create Innovation Village, the most innovative workplace district in the world.

Great for the City of Mountain View

A new mixed-use, mid-rise compact neighborhood as a fresh choice for people to live and work.

Hundreds of new homes within a walking/biking distance of jobs.

Protection of existing neighborhoods by channeling projected new growth away from suburban residential neighborhoods into a self-sufficient walkable neighborhood well served by transit.

Integrated transit services serving this new neighborhood and connecting it to downtown, Caltrain, and the regional transit network.

Increased hotel/motel tax revenues from new hotels.

Increased sales tax revenues from new retail and restaurants.

Reduction of concert traffic congestion by new transit service to Shoreline Amphitheater.

The opportunity to be the home of Innovation Village, a world-class 21st century innovation center anchored by Google.

Innovation Village On San Francisco Bay
You can have it all in one good place.

If you think the opportunity to create Innovation Village On San Francisco Bay is worth exploring, please let the City of Mountain View know.  Mayor Mike Kaspersak can be reached at: mkasperzak@mediates.com

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